Writer Guidelines
To be considered for this publication, carefully review our requirements listed below. If you feel you have an article that we would be interested in, please submit it. Please also remember to include your full name, address, phone number and email address at the top of your article.
Query First!

Query on all submissions before writing an article that may not be needed at this time. Queries should be in writing. We prefer double-spaced, typed
articles. Articles may be e-mailed in RTF format to dbecker@barkleigh.com.

When e-mailing submissions, title the correspondence with “OL” at the beginning. Create a short synopsis of the points that you plan to make.
A sample paragraph would be helpful. Articles that are accepted for publication are subject to editing for content, punctuation and space.

Needs for Off-Lead

Off Lead seeks to improve training techniques, business skills, dog health and dog/human relationships by educating dog trainers. We are the only national publication whose focus is dog trainers.

Off Lead will consider articles that are in any way related to the world of dogs. We are particularly interested in submissions about obedience training, simple problem solving such as house soiling, chewing, jumping, barking, digging, etc., advanced problem solving including phobias, aggression and separation anxiety, small business skills, marketing, trick training, and specialized training of any type. This includes, but is not limited to fly ball, agility, hunting and protection. We are also interested in articles that focus on nutrition and holistically focused health.

Feature Articles
  • Feature articles should focus on training techniques, specific solutions and be written in an easy to understand style. We will consider any original article.
  • Medical, health-related and nutritional articles will be considered from qualified professionals.
  • New ideas, even if controversial, are permitted. FYI, we will not accept articles that degrade other trainers or those that might create a wedge between pet professionals.
  • Avoid wordiness. Make articles tight but informative. Feature article length should be 700 to 1,200 words. Some longer articles may be considered.
  • Business names may not be used in your article or column. If you like, we will add a postscript to your article that will associate you with your business and tell the reader how to reach you.
  • “Talking dog” (where the dog is writing) articles are generally not accepted.

* We are open to trading articles for ad space.
Please inquire about ad space trades.

“Tails” Tales

“Tails” Tales are cute, uplifting true stories about pet(s), clients and trainers. Funny stories are preferred, but sad stories can be used, especially if they have a moral. Length should be 100 to 300 words.


We accept black and white, color or high resolution scans (300 d.p.i.) in tiff, pdf or eps format. Scans can be sent on a CD or zip disk, or e-mailed to
dbecker@barkleigh.com. Payment Policy: $10 per published photo.

Letters to the Editor

If you wish to comment on any article appearing in Off Lead, please e-mail your comments to dbecker@barkleigh.com. Please specify which article
you are commenting on by referencing the edition and page. All letters will be reviewed and those printed will be at Off Lead’s sole discretion. Please note: Letters to the Editor will not be considered for payment and become the property of Off Lead magazine.

Payments will be based on a per word total. Bios will not count toward word count. All payments will be made upon publication and upon OL’s receipt of a signed writer’s release form. Please contact the Editor for additional details.

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